Talk for Writing program

At St Kieran Catholic Primary School, we have embedded the Talk for Writing program from Kindergarten to Year 6. This writing approach brings fun and enjoyment to the writing process and builds students language skills. It provides clear and engaging strategies to suit all students needs and abilities. It assist’s students with their oral language and helps them to read and write independently with greater confidence, fluency, creativity and accuracy.

The students start by learning and internalising a model text. They orally rehearse the text daily and learn new vocabulary, explore grammar, patterns of language and sentence structure. These tasks aim to improve writing abilities by giving students an understanding of the structure and elements of written language.

After hands on learning and short burst writing activities students move onto the innovation stage of writing. This is where they use their new knowledge of grammar concepts, ideas, vocabulary and structures of writing to co-construct a new version of the modelled text with their teacher. This stage allows the teacher and students to be involved in shared and guided writing sessions.

The final stage of Talk for Writing is the Invention Stage. This is where the students are given the opportunity to independently create an original text, with teacher guidance where necessary. This allows the students to move from being dependent writers to more independent writers.