Principal Welcome

Mr Burnett

My name is Daine Burnett and it is my privilege to welcome you to our school website. I was fortunate enough to be appointed as the Principal at St Kieran Catholic School in 2021. Previous to this position, I was involved in leadership roles within Catholic Education Western Australia for over twenty years. These positions have been in the metropolitan and regional areas.

St Kieran Catholic School caters for girls and boys from 3 Year Old Kindergarten through to Year 6, in a unique environment, which offers opportunities for each child to develop emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically and cognitively. This is achieved by providing and coordinating educational activities through a whole school approach that develops an awareness and understanding of concepts necessary for life and educational experience within the Catholic faith.

We strive to develop each child’s full potential by recognising their individual giftedness as part of God’s creation. Learning is facilitated through a developmental approach that promotes cooperative and inquiry-based learning, which are strengthened by the use of up to date technology. We provide a relevant, comprehensive and varied curriculum to suit a wide range of student needs, interests and abilities. All of these processes can only assist each child, to be the best that they can be.

Striving for personal EXCELLENCE and taking RESPONSIBILITY for our actions. Living as Jesus would want with a commitment to JUSTICE and COMPASSION. Creating a community where RESPECT and BELONGING are experienced by all is all part of our daily interactions at St Kieran.

We are very fortunate at St Kieran to have a very talented group of staff members, who see their roles in educating the children at St Kieran as their vocation. The time energy, effort and expertise given to the children is second to none and while we are well resourced, the greatest resource we have is our wonderful staff.

At St Kieran, we believe that each child is a precious gift from God, created as an individual with special gifts, talents and abilities. We encourage parents to enter into partnership with the school and pray that together we will support the children to grow and develop into the people Jesus intended them to be. We are very proud of the harmonious relationship shared by our diverse cultures and celebrate our Gospel values through our motto of 'Constant and Faithful.'

St Kieran is a strong community that works together as one with parents, students, teachers and the parish to foster an environment that can enable us all to reach our fullest potential.

I look forward to seeing you in the future and hope that you will take the time to journey with us through this website and see life at St Kieran Catholic School.

Kind regards

Daine Burnett