Students with Disabilities

At St Kieran we value the diversity of each of our students and strive to meet the individual needs at all levels. We value inclusivity for all students. To make this real for our students with Disabilities we run a fluid programme to try and meet the needs of every child.

From Year One all children are part of a mainstream class. Each classroom with a SWD child will have an educational assistant to work in the room assisting where needed.

At different times during the day, children will leave their mainstream class to work in a small group with a Students with Disabilities Teacher and educational assistants on their individualised program. The composition of these classes changes each year to meet the needs of the children. Children are generally part of all specialist classes with their mainstream class.

We pride ourselves on always putting the children first and working to help each one meet their potential.

To find out more please contact the school office 6383 2600 or email