Parking and Pick up Procedures

Traffic and Parking Guidelines

Keep Our Kids Safe! Drivers Take Care. Students Beware.

By following some simple guidelines the school drop-off and pick-up times can be safer and quicker for everyone. Please share this information with anyone who drops off or collects your children. Extra copies are available from the school office or school website.

Preferred Parking

  • Please park in designated bays only. Stay off verges or footpaths.
  • There is ample parking at the church or on the vacant corner block on Myer/Morgans Street.
  • If using the vacant block on Myer/Morgans Street, please park your car back from the verge to keep vision clear for other drivers and pedestrians.

Disabled Parking Bays

  • Regardless of the time of day, these bays are for people with ACROD Parking Permits only!

Safe Pedestrian Behaviour

  • The Tyler Street gate and the Servite gate near the school library are the safest entry/exit points.
  • Stay on footpaths and use the designated crosswalk on Cape Street if parking at the church.
  • Where possible cross the road at pedestrian openings in the footpath.

Designated Drop-Off and Pick-Up Points

Only let children exit vehicles from designated drop-off points. These are:

  • Marked parking bays.
  • Within the marked yellow section of the drive-through line.

Children should only be collected from designated pick-up points. These are:

  • Teacher supervised pick-up line – accessed from Morgans Street driveway.
  • Parents/carers collecting students from the undercover area or classroom for younger students.
  • Teacher supervised bus line.
  • Students not collected by 3.30pm will wait in the school office.

Using the Drive Through Line

  • Keep moving forward so the line flows. Stop as far forward as possible.
  • Wait until children are clear of your vehicle before driving off.
  • Display your name sign for pick up.
  • Don’t park anywhere in the driveway.

Safe Traffic Flow around the Drive Through Line

  • Access the Tyler Street school entrance from Morgans Street.
  • Never overtake the pick-up / drop-off line on the wrong side of the road.
  • Keep our neighbour’s driveways clear of cars.
  • Keep the Tyler/Morgans Street intersection clear. Only move around the corner when you can fully enter the driveway.
  • No right turn into the driveway from 7.30 – 9.00am or 2.30 – 4.00pm
  • Stagger your drop-off and pick-up to avoid peak congestion at school start and finish times. Drop off from 8am. Pick up until 3.30pm.

Follow the road rules and obey road signs. Be patient and courteous at all times.